Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well, February sucked and March isn't looking much better

So, February started out with a few sniffles, a surprise cold-front and an abscess. Yeah, an infection in my tooth (next to the back molar on the left). One day, I was fine and the next....puffy, icky, swollen half of a face. Not fun at all. Of course, I should've taken care of it months ago when I broke off part of the tooth, but it didn't really hurt that often (just every once in a while when I would, say for example, bite a pretzel and it would jab directly in the hole). So, of course, I call the dentist and they can't see me for two days but also won't prescribe any antibiotics because it had been so long since my previous visit. Well, of course I procured some antibiotics because all I could imagine is the infection going directly to my heart and screwing me up even worse. When I finally see the dentist, he's all smiles and happy-go-lucky (which I would normally love, but not so much when I'm considering taking up cutting just to see if it can fool the pain receptors in my mouth into thinking they aren't that bad after all). So after getting a look-see, he says, "Well, we can do a root canal and crown, but I don't think that will last more than a few months and we'll have to end up pulling it anyway." Well, screw that. Pull it out now!  That, right there, should've made me realize how much pain I was in. So four hours later (I was a "work-in") and some drilling and yanking and more drilling (and, just an FYI, nitrous doesn't work so well when your nose is stuffed up from crying), out comes the tooth. He kept trying to get me to look at him, but I couldn't even open my eyes or I would go into complete hysterics. I did get some pain pills, but those aren't much fun when they only work for about 3 hours and you're only supposed to take them every 4-6 hours. It took a few days, but my face started to feel like a face again, and I could actually eat some solid foods. The plus side to all of this was getting to eat mashed potatoes and chocolate milkshakes for a week AND losing five pounds....but then, when I could eat again, I gained it all back. Boo.
And then there was Valentine's Day, which if you're single like me, kinda sucks. I don't really mind it most of the time, and usually I have a few friends who like to hang out and it's just another day. But this year, everything just irked me. I guess I'm getting pissy in my old age. Nothing in particular happened for me to be upset/happy/embarrassed over, and I guess that's what upset me the most. No romantic midnight confessions of love, no flowers, no anonymous notes, no chocolates, nada. Mom sent me a card with a couple of scratch-offs (which of course, I didn't win anything), but somehow, that just doesn't count the way it did when I was a kid. **Side note: Mom, if you read this, the previous statement does not mean I want you to stop sending me cards or lottery tickets!** I guess I am still hopeful. Just like the lottery tickets, I keep thinking my luck is going to turn for the better, and I'll be a big winner! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Mmmm....a chicken dinner sounds pretty yummy right now....
Okay, so February wrapped up, and here it is March already. I've broken two nails this week, which just irritates the dickens out of me because it's a little early to get a refill, but I probably will and I just think it's a waste of money. My allergies have come back in full vengeance, and now I have a lovely cough to go along with my watery eyes and sneezing. Needless to say, my exercise/getting healthy plan has veered decidedly off course as of late, but I am trying to get back in the swing of things. But wouldn't you know, now the molar on my right side is giving me problems! Makes me just want to scream!

**Well, I wrote this back at the beginning of March, but I didn't publish it. I guess I was going to try to add something more positive at the end, but obviously, that didn't happen. So here ya go!

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