Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well....maybe not so much on the llamas

Well, here it is. 2011. That really kinda blows my mind. I still feel like a kid, but mercy me, how those years have flown past! So since it is the new year, I must have the obligatory resolutions post. Well, it's fitting seeing as that's how I got here in the first place.
Of course, my first resolution (like everyone else) is to lose weight, which has been one of my resolutions every year since high school. But this year, I changed it to being healthier. I actually started my game plan back in September, but it's a slow-moving game, and I'll post more about it later.
My second resolution is to get out and live my life.This may sound a little odd since I'm a young, single, stunningly attractive (and funny!) woman of the world. But I've always held back a little. Not that I'm planning on getting trashed and dancing on the bar every weekend. But I am going to try to go out more, to places other than NorthGate (the strip of bars in College Station). I don't really have an exact game plan for this yet, but I'm just tired of not having anything to say when someone asks, "What's new with you?" Oh, except for this blog, of course! I love to read, and I used to write a bit, too, so why not write a blog?
This week, in an effort to "live," I chopped off my hair that was down to my butt and donated 13 inches to Locks of Love. I've been thinking about doing this for a few years, but I'd always put it off. Even this time, I was trying to put it off, thinking I would wait until Resolution #1 showed a little more progress. But finally, I just did it, and I LOVE it! What in the world was I waiting for??? Let me tell you, there is no greater boost to your ego than completely changing your style. Everyone has loved it, and I enjoy seeing people do a double-take the first time they see me. Heck, I keep surprising myself every time I walk past a mirror. So after this first grand success, I'm hoping to keep up with both of my resolutions. I'll keep you posted!

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