Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where are my pants? I CANT FIND MY PANTS!!!

I think I'm glad I don't have a webcam, because I know some of y'all would want to start a hangout on Google+. And then I'd have to put on clothes. And it's just too hot for clothes. And if I didn't, some of you would start questioning your sexual preference, and there would be great upheaval in the world. And I would have hundreds of people asking me on dates and clamoring at my door just to say hi and see me smile. And I would have to break some hearts, or be mean, or turn my dog loose on the crazies. And I'm not sure if her shots are up-to-date, so I would probably get sued. Not that I have anything to take, except for that webcam. Yeah, I think I'm glad I don't have a webcam.

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